I kind of want to take January Jones by the hand, sit her down in front of some photos of Sofia Vergara, and be like, “See? Do you see that we all know Sofia is, like, physically divine, without her needing to wear boob strips?”

This is a woman who is so calmly aware that people are looking at her, she doesn’t feel the need to bait them or beg them to do it. I love that. Because I can see where it would be so tempting, when you are that hot, to want to scream it from the rooftops. (Or your boobtops, in January’s case.) But Sofia is like, “Eh, whatever, you know it, I know it, let’s leave it at that.” Whereas January was one step away from being clipped to a mortarboard, then hung from someone’s rearview mirror for two years before languishing in their armrest with empty gum wrappers, Chapstick without a cap on it, and some pennies.

As for Sofia, check out the back:

This feels cool in a way I don’t generally expect from Vera Wang, whose name I do associate with pretty things but not always super funky ones. Then again, it might not be a Vera Wang. Sofia said “Vera Wong” all night on the red carpet, so maybe she bought this out of the trunk of some dude’s car. If that is true, I hope she will consider how dangerous that was, and then tell me immediately where he is parked.