We usually associate Camilla Belle with really edgy, ornate and intricate outfits, which are always very polished and of-the-moment and sophisticated, even if they’re frequently not quite our thing. So she surprised us a bit lately by going in slightly off-path in different ways. Let’s start with the Globes:

I don’t ever expect Camilla to go this basic, but it’s kind of a nice palate cleanser. This is kind of a cleav-tacular version of Emma Stone’s outfit — very simple, very sleek, but very pretty because it’s handled correctly vis a vis accessories and makeup. I probably will not remember this dress a year from now — unlike what she wore to the 2010 Globes, which totally stuck with me — but it served its purpose. I’m not mad at her, you know? It’s a froof sorbet, and I kind of needed one from her.

And then. AND THEN.

Nice abs, but holy HELL, child, you look like the Clan of the Cave Bear’s criminal defense attorney.

If Marchesa started making bras, they would be exactly like this.

Here’s a life top, kid: You brown-bag sandwiches, grain alcohol, and vodka. YOU DO NOT BROWN-BAG YOUR BOOBS.

[Photos: Getty, Splash News]