First of all, I’m concerned about the leggings and tunic top on the lady behind Amber, but she’s on her own. Let’s talk about Amber. Which I always say in my head with a Boston Rob accent — AMBAAAAAH — despite the fact that Amber Riley here has never been on Survivor.

I am not crazy about the hair — I think she looks cuter when her bangs are more sideswept — but I do love the dress. Which is, I’m sure, no surprise to anyone who’s ever read this blog. I love me a sequined metallic gown, like, A LOT. In this case, though, I also have to give her props for wearing a dress that fits her perfectly (take note, Elisabeth Moss), and is totally right for her bod. I also dig the belt — it kind of looks like film stock from afar, but it doesn’t actually go the extra miles to BE film stock, which would be too on-the-nose (and also uncomfortable, and random). Maybe she could give some impromptu lessons?