It’s hard to articulate what I don’t like about this dress. Generally, I struggle with pink and red together, because in most contexts it’s too much like a saccharine valentine — and that’s definitely part of my issue here. The giant beaded rose doesn’t help (you can just HEAR some dude in a box at the theater yelling, “BRAVO,” and throwing it at her ballet-slipper-clad feet) and the matchy-matchy red-satin shoes lend it all an air of fromage that would only be to my tastes if you served it on a cracker with some Branston pickle.

What would help? Clipping the stem off the rose but keeping the bud? Ditching it altogether, leaving you with a very pretty but also very plain pink sheath? A less in-your-face shoe? Slightly less mumsy hair? Lipstick that wasn’t a pink hue that’s the clashing middle-ground average of the red and pearl shades of her outfit?

Or am I being too harsh? Because sometimes I catch myself thinking, “Aw, but she’s a cute little pregnant girl, and she seems so happy,” and that’s just it: Here, she seems a lot more cheerful than she has at a lot of recent events. So maybe she’s hit the part of her pregnancy where she’s not feeling sick and she can just sit back and enjoy that no one will notice when she eats something with actual fat content. And the ensuing glow is cheering her up enough to carry the clothes. Almost. Almost?

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  • It needs fixing. (24%, 4,901 Votes)
  • It only works because she's so teeny and preggo and cute that I just want to hug her. (38%, 7,859 Votes)

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