I think I’d like this a lot better without the flowers up top:

Otherwise, it’s too much. It’s a stripe sandwich on froof bread. But in truth, I’m not sure I even like it at all. I tend not to trust things that explode into random flaps. It feels too much like something you can catch: “Oh, why is all the skin peeling off your left leg?” “Ugh, I caught The Flaps from Julie Bowen’s Globes dress.” So maybe what I really want is for it to be strapless and yet ALSO one-hundred-percent ruffled, instead of the half-and-half. Is it, though? Or do I just want lunch?

Also, Julie Bowen, I like you, but here’s the thing. I don’t care what you told Ryan Seacrest: Nobody gets arms that defined JUST from holding their twins. I have been trying this for almost 19 months now, and it’s not working. Unless you are holding your kids like barbells. Are you doing chest flies with the twins? If so, you need to put out a DVD called Holding Your Way To Sculpted Arms. It’ll be all, like, isometric hugging and then bicep curls with babies. Otherwise, please maybe stop being all, “Oh, how do I stay in shape? Why, by being a MOM,” because it just sounds like a total lie designed to make you sound regular, when in fact you probably have the money to hire a trainer to make those arms look like you could sharpen knives on them. You know, it’s okay to admit you try. Working out isn’t anybody’s dirty secret. If it were,The Biggest Loser would be considered perverse and get kicked all the way to Showtime.

But what of the dress?

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