NBC is so dumb. It aired the Globes, right? And had the stars of one of its critically popular shows that could use ratings help, Zachary Levi of Chuck, RIGHT THERE in the audience in support of Tangled. And did they ask him to present anything? Pop out on stage and wave? No. Granted, with Ricky Gervais doing the intros, it might’ve gone in an awkward direction pretty quickly. But still. It seems like that is a really dumb missed opportunity. Isn’t half the benefit of airing one  of these things the fact that you can sneak in some free ads for your own stuff? BE A PIMP, NBC, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

All of which has little to do with Mandy Moore, except that she was in Tangled as well. And tangled is how I feel about her gown.

Brilliant color, but I don’t love the tulle. Y’all are going to think I have a hate-on for tulle, but I don’t — I just like well-executed tulle, because when it isn’t, nothing looks sadder. Or cheaper. Or messier. Or scarier. (Or some combo thereof.) I quite like the effect on the top part, but once we hit her mid-thigh region, it’s like the clouds break and there’s a deluge and we all run for cover. I wish it had been sleek and clingy all the way down; that’d be my alteration. Although… should I be able to see the boning in there? That doesn’t look intentional. Oh, Mandy. As Barry Manilow would say, the tears are in my mind and nothing is rhyming. But it could be worse: I could be referencing Copacabana, which ends in murder. Aren’t you glad your name isn’t Lola? Silver lining!