As many nits as there were to pick at the Golden Globes, there were a lot of people who looked glorious. And in the spirit of karma, I’ve decided to spotlight a few of them. Although it might just be the soothing back rub Intern George just gave me; he does put a girl in a good mood.

Let’s start with Sara Ramirez from Grey’s Anatomy.


In addition to being a Tony-winning performer who held her own in that original star-studded Spamalot cast (check out “The Song That Goes Like This”; it’s funny, and she’s got a great voice), she is also, in my opinion, really wonderful and tough and funny on Grey’s. And here, she looks like an old-time movie star, utterly glamorous in ruby-red with a sweetly feminine coif. (See, Cameron Diaz? It’s possible to wear red lipstick and not look like a five-year old smeared it on for you.)

It’s also refreshing to see her working a real woman’s body. Forgive me if this is a pale retread of Jessica’s America Ferrera entry of yesterday, which was brilliant, but the point bears repeating: Remember on Ally McBeal, when all the actresses skinnied up because they had to go to work every day with Calista Flockhart and it made them insecure? Well, the Grey’s set has so far avoided such catastrophes, with Chandra Wilson and Ramirez (and to a degree Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl) balancing out the very tiny Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo. I dearly hope none of them start emaciating themselves in a McBeal vein; in an interview, Ramirez once admitted that it was hard for her to watch the show in the early days because she felt she looked hulking, and that the underwear-dancing scene was a challenge to shoot for that reason — and so she hired a trainer and has felt better about herself. And that’s great and all, as long as it’s for her health and not because she thinks it’s required of her by the viewers or anyone else. Because Ramirez has been smoking hot from day one on that show, and she doesn’t need to change a thing.

Another stunner who got almost no attention on any of the red carpet shows: Edie Falco.


Grecian draping was in this year, and Edie’s little-seen dress was one of the loveliest. It’s a great color on her, and she appears to be in kick-ass shape. Up yours, cancer!

I was also pleased to see Jennifer Love Hewitt pull it together.


She looks really, really pretty — she’s propped up without popping out, and the color flatters her hair and makeup. The dress is sort of risky because it has a lot going on, with the waist-bow and the glittery pattern and the shimmery sheen, but somehow it all comes together and works beautifully on her hourglass.

And finally, this year’s Jessica Alba is officially Jessica Biel. Remember when everyone was fussing over Alba at the Oscars, largely due to her bod and her glamorous image makeover? Well, welcome to Biel’s world, because we are a flighty, flaky culture, and since she came along, does anyone even know where Jessica Alba is, or care?


Not so much. Because Biel and her bodacious butt have taken a very average, borderline messy hairdo that keeps falling in her face and gown that I’m not actually all that crazy about — it’s a bit disco — and made the whole thing downright eye-grabbing. Nay, eye-assaulting. And generally I am not thrilled about anything attacking me in that general area, but here, no one can help but stare.

She should enjoy it while she can, though. By the Rule of Jessicas, next year it will be Jessica Capshaw’s turn, and then, well, we probably won’t need an ACTUAL Jessica D. because we’re sure Lindsay Lohan will have changed her name to “Jessica Dohan” just so she can get a bit of the glory.