So, Natalie Portman totally ditched the blood blossom and got comfortable for the afterparties, and it was a good decision.

This almost feels like something she already had, and was like, “Eh, it’s blousy, it’ll work with a bump.” It’s very comforting when you’re pregnant to find out that you can still use stuff that was already in your closet. When I was pregs, I held my pants together with a hair elastic for… well. Anyway. I also love that she switched into flats. We can’t all be J.Lo, wearing six-inch heels when we’re an hour away from our C-section. I don’t know, this seems refreshingly relaxed, and I’m happy about it. Way more content than I was with the flower. That thing stressed me out. It was like a houseguest that won’t leave and keeps breaking dishes and letting the toilet run and drinking all your Diet Coke.