I think my favorite factoid about Hayden Panettiere is that she got a tattoo on her “left flank” (thanks, Wikipedia) of an Italian phrase that means “live without regrets,” and that said tattoo really is forcing her to espouse that phrase to the core of her being, because reportedly one of the words in it is misspelled. Oh, I chuckled for a while over that one — it’s like when the trend of getting Asian characters tattooed to your person was so popular, and I always secretly wondered if people were going around brandishing them and saying, “It means ‘strong and beautiful woman,'” not knowing that it actually meant, “Dumb ho-basket,” or something.

None of this is leading into me calling Hayden Pantytiers a dumb ho-basket. I do not believe she is either of those things. But I do think she probably wishes she could have this one back:

What I don’t understand is, how don’t you see this coming just by LOOKING DOWN AT YOURSELF? Like, say, when you put the dress on the first time and then went, “Huh, I’d better put on some nipple shields.” I know flashbulbs are a nasty beast, but this seems SO sheer that I wonder if the naked eye might have been slightly suspicious, had the naked eye been called to work. Instead, the naked eye stayed home and played Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii, and poor Hayden turned into a headline.

Parenthetically, remember when she was young? I do. Technically she still is. But you wouldn’t know it. Fun it up again, Hayden. WITHOUT involving your nipples.