Why, surely you remember Cara Buono here!

She was Don Draper’s SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOST RECENT MAD MEN SEASON ALTHOUGH YOU SHOULD PROBABLY WATCH THAT AT SOME POINT brainy girlfriend to whom he admitted everything and then turned around and got engaged to his gorgeous, toothy secretary. OH DON. She is also SPOILER FOR LAST WEEK’S BROTHERS AND SISTERS ALTHOUGH NOT REALLY OH WAIT YES Balthazar Getty’s character’s fiance on Brothers & Sisters, which, can I just say, is SO TERRIBLE this season. Apparently, once you set your show onto a lengthy story-telling journey into the ins and outs of, like, water well ownership (SERIOUSLY), it’s nearly impossible to pull the plane out of that nosedive. Although, I promise you, deciding to take the show’s most most interesting couple and sticking them into an illiteracy plotline right out of a 1980s Afterschool Special ALSO isn’t going to help.  Also, WOW, Balthazar Getty lost a lot of weight, right? Anyway, I’m not watching that show anymore.

ABOUT CARA:  eh.  I’d love it on the (sadly absent) Dame Judi Dench but otherwise it kinda leaves me cold.

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