I guess a lot of people associate Alison Brie with Community, but to me she’s always Trudy from Mad Men. I remember when we talked to her at the last Fashion Week, and we were all, “we’re WORRIED ABOUT TRUDY AND PETE” and she was very coy about them (in a charming way) and basically quite adorable. So I like her.

I’m not as sold on the dress. I love the fabric and I actually love …the parts that are not attached to her shoulders. And yet I can see how it might be a bit boring if it were just a strapless dress. So color me confused and questioning:

And then kindly enlighten me:

  • Gorgeous! (18%, 1,407 Votes)
  • WHAT NO WHY BAD (20%, 1,548 Votes)
  • I want to remove that wacky thingie on her clavicle. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? (62%, 4,813 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,768

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