Hayley Atwell is super pretty:

I kept thinking she looks like someone I know, and then I realized that the person I was thinking of was Maria Menounos.  I enjoy her on the Today show, but I am pretty convinced that we’re not technically really friends. I ALSO kept thinking that this dress zipped up the front, and, yes, I WAS concerned. What a relief to see that I was incorrect.

I don’t know. Sunday night, I was all not in favor. Now that I’ve looked at it more closely, I’m not as sure. It’s sort of weirdly…corporate? In a way? Because of the khaki? And apparently it inspires me to write as though I am up-talking? But I don’t HATE it. And I almost suspect that if the khaki were a color, and the black were another color, and there was no lace and OKAY FINE IF IT WERE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT DRESS I might actually like it.

Please weigh in.

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