I know that Emma Stone is blonde for her movie role in Spider-Man, but I must say, I miss her awesome red hair:

In fact, when I saw her in the background of E!’s red carpet show, I seriously thought she was Kate Bosworth. Squint at her and think about it: blonde bun, sleek Calvin Klein melon-colored dress? All she’s missing is Alex Skarsgard and a working knowledge of what it was like to work on Blue Crush, and they’d be the same person.

Saucy! You know, the longer I look at this, the more I like it. I was sort of undecided on it last night — I’m a little concerned by how much makeup she had to wear not to look washed out — but I kind of dig how austere the cut is, juxtaposed with the mega-cheerful color. And I covet her gold clutch.

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