This was another dress that stirred up a lot of disagreement: Jessica and I quite liked it on her, especially compared to this ultra-cutesy and ultimately stumpifying (and stupefying) Zac Posen from last year. Maybe we were giving it too much comparative favor, but we thought the blue was nifty and the fluttery sleeves had a retro feel that isn’t standard for her. But I get why a lot of you thought they were impotent little wings, or giant blue-mascara’d eyelashes ripped off an 80s club queen, or garters stretched out and glued to her armpits. I do. So let’s take a tour of the ruffles as they appeared throughout the evening, and then put it to a very decisive poll. But if you are easily swayed by Jon Hamm, well, vote now.

No wiggle room:

  • Love it (45%, 4,058 Votes)
  • Hate it (22%, 2,016 Votes)
  • Oh, come on, a LITTLE wiggle room, please? I need it. (33%, 2,931 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,005

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