I think Lea Michele’s management team may have pulled her aside and told her that she was starting to get a reputation as a bit of a diva — from the whole thing where she made Hailee Steinfeld cry (which, in fairness, doesn’t sound like her fault exactly) to having a reporter who was interviewing Matthew Morrison removed from the Glee set. — and that she would be better served if she acted like she was SWEET and RELATABLE and KIND and ADORABLE. To which I say: you know what? If you’re a baby diva, own it. Michele, at least, has the pipes to back up the behavior, and I find her more interesting as a talented, prickly actress than a Super Sweet Adorable TV Star. Also: I felt like she laid it on a bit thick Sunday night, what with the Hand Over the Heart and the Tearing Up and the Intense Emotional Eyes whenever someone from Glee won. I mean, I’m sure she WAS happy for them, but she also looked like she was kind of…Playing to the Rafters, shall we say.  And I feel like nothing says, “hey! I am as nice and sweet as can be!” like a ruffly pink dress.

But does it work?

  • I really like this. (25%, 3,196 Votes)
  • I don't like it AT ALL. (18%, 2,283 Votes)
  • I might like it if I liked her, which I don't. (26%, 3,396 Votes)
  • I like her more when she's harder to like. (6%, 733 Votes)
  • She really WAS over-the-top last night with the mugging. (21%, 2,700 Votes)
  • Lay off Lea! She is a treasure in any incarnation. (5%, 615 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,923

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