My first instinct was to like this.

But once the power of her cute red-carpet interview wore off, we started having problems in our relationship Oh, sure, at first it was all, “Mmm, looks like wedding cake,” but then suddenly it was insect wings, and she’s just so monochromatic, and is that the same ponytail she wore to yoga this morning? So we might be breaking up. I don’t know. The dress is going to spend some time at its mother’s house to do some thinking and just be on its own for a while. It’s an emotional time.

Do you heart this dress?

  • So much that I would marry it. (17%, 1,515 Votes)
  • We'd definitely date for a while but I'm not sure how I think it'd go. (59%, 5,293 Votes)
  • I would marry this JUST so I could divorce it. (24%, 2,140 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,948

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