This picture cracks me up:

Something about Jenna’s movement makes her look like she’s about to say, “DARLING! WELCOME! WELCOME TO MY GLORIOUS FETE! PLEASE DO COME IN. JEAN-PIERRE WILL TAKE YOUR COATS.’ Which helps, because I think in any other pose, I think she’d look like she was saying, “I can’t believe I had to buy ANOTHER freaking bridemaid’s dress. No, I WON’T wear it again.”

How does this grab you?

  • By the neck, where it then strangles me with AWESOMENESS. (46%, 5,204 Votes)
  • By the hands, which is boring and safe. (39%, 4,336 Votes)
  • By the hair, because I hate it and we're having a catfight. (15%, 1,653 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,194

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