I was going to make this an Unfug It Up, and then I realized that would be like giving you a pop quiz and then making the only question be, “Do I like leggings?” LOOK AT THAT THING. Somewhere in there, buried deep underneath a sleeve with a superhero complex, is a nice dress that just needs a brief fling with a steamer before it’s ready for primetime. Instead, we get a shoulder sheath that’s not so much leg-of-mutton as it is leg-and-groin-of-mutton. It’s the very definition of somebody slapping on one Very Large Detail that they think makes a dress all edgy and avant-garde, when it really looks like somebody dropped acid at a balloon store. Snip that sucker off, Julianne, and let Phileas Fogg ride it around the world. Wait, in this metaphor, that makes her the sandbag. Doesn’t seem fair, when it’s clearly the other way around, but life’s not fair. If it were, Intern George would show up to work, like, EVER.