Jennifer Lawrence, I’d hoped for so very much more:

I like this until we got to the wacky leg slit and I think if it were knee-length and straight-hemmed, I’d be madly in love with it. As it is, it’s totally TOO MUCH GOING ON.  The Fashion Police dude on E!’s telecast said she looked like “a sexy saloon” girl and I kind of agree with this and I ALSO suspect he meant it as about as much of a compliment as I do, which is: only kinda. Like, “sexy saloon girl” is not particularly complimentary, unless you actually WORK IN A SALOON.

Must everything be worn as tight as human possible? Just because you can zip it, it doesn’t make it the right size. That said: this is pretty, if not unpredictable. A quantified way to go to you, Rich Man’s Hayden Pantywaist!