Miss Bonas –the erstwhile ladyfriend of Prince Harry of Wales — is in Tulip Fever, which comes out sometime this year, and so she got to dip a toe onto the Hollywood red carpet. I don’t know if she’s just naturally thrifty, a creature of habit, or trying to follow in Kate’s footsteps, but Cressida wore the same dress in two different non-colors.

The first: a folksy white, to the BAFTA LA tea party, with clunky sandals. If she or Harry has any designs on them getting back together, it’s good that she’s getting the translucent yens out of her system now. But she might just be hoping for a career as an Anthropologie model and stunt double for Scarlett on Nashville. Have you a zither? She’ll strum.

Next up: the black version at a Globes post-party.

It’s better in black, I think, but it’s still fairly underwhelming. Her film is a Harvey Weinstein picture, and he’s been required to give a lot of quotes about how brilliant she is and the enduring career she has ahead of her (which, if this is her one true love that she chose over Prince H, I absolutely hope is true; she’s probably facing an uphill battle to get people to take her seriously, and so good on her for trying to make a go of the thing she always swore she most wanted to do). You’d imagine that ol’ Harv would sneak her a Marchesa or two for her first formal party, to do her a solid so that she could dazzle the world and any of her various exes she might wish to make seethe with longing. At least she chose funky shoes, even if they do look like orthopedic spats.

How did she do?

  • Very well! Two of the same doesn't bug me one bit. (4%, 112 Votes)
  • Very well for her first outing, but couldn't someone do her a solid and lend her something? (11%, 294 Votes)
  • Eh. She's related to a Lady who has three last names. She could've packed something fancier. (49%, 1,288 Votes)
  • I am not impressed. (35%, 918 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,612

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