It’s not even necessarily that I hate this.

It’s just so Prom Catalog 2007. Plus I keep thinking her dress strap is hanging out, until I realize there’s a tiny ruffle down the side of the bodice. Edie Falco is an awesome lady and a great actress, but the choice almost makes me wonder if she is bored of being a universally lauded awesome lady and great actress. The dress just sort of sits there. It is present and accounted for; it is on her body. You could say of this outfit, “Edie Falco arrived at the Globes covered in red fabric,” and that’s basically it. Even she is kind of like, “Yeah, yeah, I like Nurse Jackie, too, but let’s have someone new win this sucker and get out of here in time for a burger and a good night’s sleep.” I applaud the sentiment, but I just wish she’d delivered it with a tad more panache.