The big winner at the Golden Globes may have been the Beverly Hilton, which got to supply branded umbrellas to the celebrities trolling the red carpet.

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

The other big winner: Diane Kruger, for having the most charming umbrella caddy in town. I defy you not to cherish this couple (unless you are sick of us yapping about them to the point that it inspires loathing, which… you know, I totally get that; we yap about them a lot) after seeing this photo of him not only standing in the rain so that she might be dry, but looking delighted to do it.

As for Diane’s Lacroix, it kills me that nobody had her pose for a photo of the back, because I remember SOME business going on back there when she exited her Ryan Seacrest interview, but I didn’t look closely enough because I figured there would be a picture. WELL. I learned my lesson. Anyway, it looked flirtier and more graceful and romantic in motion than it does here, where the cut of the skirt risks taking the Frump City exit off the 405. THIS is why we always say you should test your outfits in photos — the telecast is all well and good, but it’s the pictures that people remember, because it’s of those that best- and worst-dressed lists are made. And made again, and then made YET AGAIN, because you can never have enough.

I liked it on TV but less so in this photo. And I wish I could see the back. But if anyone can take us on this trip in an organic, believable way, it’s Diane Kruger. Imagine this on Meryl Streep, or Anna Kendrick, or Olivia Wilde; we’d be all, “Girl, unless someone is throwing you at all the single ladies attending her wedding, you’d best go home and change.” But on Diane, it comes off as directional — something worth seeing more of, over and over, because every time you blink you change your mind. Ergo, I encourage you to vote more than once, as your browser cookies allow, and chat up your decisions in the comments. Which ARE open. Oh yes, I did not forget this time. THIS TIME.