So, we got lots of emails about Kate Hudson here, and let me tell you, they really ran the gamut: some of you thought she looked great, some of you thought she looked like a dippy bride, many of you wondered how she managed not to get wrinkled (me too), and one of you wanted to know why she kept making faces on the red carpet that made her look like Becki Newton as Amanda at her goofiest (none of which I pulled, but she REALLY did. Becky Newton is adorable, but Kate’s mugging was weird, and I’d never noticed the resemblance before).

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Me? I see the bridal comparison, but I actually think it’s at least structurally interesting, which I appreciate in general. I wish we could have seen it with the train down, but it was too wet for that to happen, so I guess we’re just going to have to imagine it. Actually, I think the rain did Hudson a favor, as far as that goes, because with a train this thing would really have made her look one bouquet short of a wedding gown. You’d think she’d want to do anything to avoid reminding us that she was in Bride Wars this year, right? Man, that thing was BAD. Heather and I watched part of it the other night and even skipping like half an hour in the middle to watch Better Off Ted, we managed to get the gist. The crappy, hacky, sexist, crazy gist. Seriously, don’t even get me started. Although I can’t resist asking why there were so many MONTAGES in that thing? Like, lovingly cut montages of Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway laughing over dinners and running through the rain and shopping for flowers together, all lit with this very romantic half-light. I really hoped we were heading toward an ending wherein they realized they were actually in love with each other but no such luck. REGARDLESS: now I’m all cranky thinking about how terrible that movie was, so I’m turning against the dress. You best step in.