So, apparently Cameron Diaz presented something at the Golden Globes. I completely missed it, although I watched the entire ceremony — I must have been staring emptily at my laptop screen, desperately willing my fingers to type faster. It happens. So anyway, given the number of celebrities who skipped the red carpet because of the weather (ahem, Reese Witherspoon), I seriously thought for a second that Cameron here came out and walked it just for fun.

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
That would’ve been very cool of her, and super unusual given how most celebrities moan and wail about what a TRIAL it is to have to attend these things. But now that I know she did take part in the ceremony, I am no longer surprised to see her and can instead focus on what she wore. Which I think I like. The makeup… feh. But the body-skimming crimson is striking (even in satin; see, I’m NOT an absolutist!) and she looks extremely jolly and comfortable. 
It’s even better considering that last year I wrote of her, “There are a few constants with awards shows: The band will try to play off the person who probably most deserves a moment in the sun (this year, Mickey Rourke), Ricky Gervais will go off-script any time he’s given stage time until they break down and let him host one of the telecasts, and Cameron Diaz will show up looking like she forgot she has a head.” Aside from my eerie prescience with Ricky Gervais, it’s nice to see that Cameron did at least REMEMBER this year that she should put on a little makeup (even if I don’t know how I feel about it) and slicked her hair back into a presentable and rain-friendly bun. A big step up here, I think, enhanced by the fact that she made it all the way there without wrinkling the hell out of that skirt. That’s a feat for the ages.