The magazines giveth this month: First we got eight articles from Elle for its cover stars, and now Glamour has given each of the three This Is Us stars a piece of her own, rather than a) a joint profile or interview (which Elle did do for the Black Panther trio, though might not have if there hadn’t been seven others to include), or b) a skin-deep Q&A where they interviewed each other.

The cover, which I’ll talk more about in the slideshow, is mostly good except for Mandy Moore. I have a hard time imagining that’s the best they could come up with for her, unless she’s just not a very adept model. (Lucky for her, she has plenty of other gifts.) And the stories are nice reads, albeit quick ones. Each has a detail I didn’t know, like for example that Chrissy Metz was one of Ariana Grande’s early talent managers. Here’s a bit from each, beginning with Chrissy Metz’s:

Up next is Breakthrough, in which she’ll play a mom who uses prayer to resuscitate her son. The film, based on a true story, is one of Metz’s first projects that has nothing to do with weight—something she hopes keeps happening. “People are still surprised that a big girl could be on TV, and it’s like, Ugh, really? Really?” she says. “There’s so much other stuff to talk about.”

And Watson’s:

Watson was on the phone with her good friend Danai Gurira after “a really bad audition” for Gurira’s play Familiar. “Danai says to me, ‘You know what, girl? Maybe God just has a pilot for you or something.’ Then I get a beep on the other line—literally,” she remembers.

And Moore’s has a detail about how she found out by accident that her mother was leaving her father for another woman, which is not something I had ever read, but picked a different quote because I like the attitude here:

Yes, kids are in the picture, but don’t pressure her about it. “Maybe it’s true [about the biological clock], but fuck that narrative,” she says.

Damn right, Mandy. F*ck that one. Create your own.

[Photos: Victor Demarchelier for Glamour]