The interview is here, and it’s fun– Josh Duboff, who is a very funny writer, interviews her at the Kennedy Space Center, where the interior photos of this feature were snapped — but for me, this was the most interesting bit:

Hadid says she doesn’t believe she’ll ever get used to the paparazzi attention, and claims she is “constantly thinking about it.” She laments, “I understand that it comes with the territory, but it’s also very intense to always have to consider. I don’t think it will ever be normal, and if people ever feel like it’s normal, then that’s weird.” After a long pause, she says: “It’s cool to be in a place like Florida. I appreciate the times when I can just walk down the street for five minutes because people don’t know I’m there yet.”

I appreciate the fact that she realizes it’s weird for people to think that kind of weirdness is the normal order of things. I wonder if this means we’ll ever see her take the Jennifer Aniston route and literally wear the same thing every time she leaves the house, to devalue paparazzi shots of her (in part because they’re boring; in part because it makes it hard to date them accurately).

There is also a quote from Taylor Swift that she provides by email that is highly complimentary and I’m sure Taylor was sincere about it, but which also reads if she pulled it from a folder on her laptop titled “Girl Squad; Interviews; Official Words of Praise; Major Glossy Print Magazines.” I appreciate that level of organization.

[Photos: Mariano Vivanco]