Well! I love this cover. From the fab red lip (it’s this, from L’Oreal) to the mismatched earrings to her perfect manicure, to the fact that she’s holding a flower in front of her eye and it somehow still looks both natural and beautiful. It’s just elegant, yet eye-catching, and I want to hang it in my locker.

The interview is quite good, too — and full of stuff about Chan that I didn’t know for whatever reason (she witnessed a murder and testified at the trial! She saved a little girl’s life! She has a law degree from Oxford [I might have known that one but sometimes celebrity facts have to get removed from my brain to make room for other celebrity facts]!). Allure’s site kept crashing my browser — maybe that’s just my laptop, which is getting to the end of its lifespan, I fear — but if you can get it to load, it’s very worth the effort. (Gemma is even wearing a Breton-striped top for the chat.) She talks about everything from Brexit to TimesUp to the role of the Chinese Labour Corps in World War I to her decision to solely wear Asian designers during the¬†Crazy Rich Asians press tour. In short, she comes across as incredibly smart and interesting, like someone you could talk to for hours about all kinds of things; often, I read these interviews and think, “this poor reporter. She didn’t get anything,” but Jessica Chia, who wrote this piece, got SO much interesting material. Including — and this isn’t the most important thing, but it is juicy and goodness knows, I love gossip — that Chan and Dominic Cooper are dating. Well done all around.

[Cover: Paola Kudacki]
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