Well, I was going to make a comment about how close the camera is to her face, as if obscuring her body, and then I realized: Gal had a baby in mid-March, so it’s highly likely she was quite pregnant when they shot this cover.  It would have been neat to see that in the cover shot, but it’s deeply possible that the people who are in charge of PR for Wonder Woman thought that might be confusing; I also can’t remember when a celebrity has been visibly pregnant on the cover of glossy ladies’ magazine recently, so they may not sell well, and we all know that (these days especially), the bottom line must be considered. (Her pregnancy is referenced in the interview, which is otherwise fairly standard issue; she seems like a very nice and competent person, which is great when someone is your co-worker and frustrating when they are the subject of your interview.)

That aside — and the fact that Gal’s body pose almost makes it look like she’s just holding that dress up against herself to see how it might look if she put it on — this cover is pretty. At the very least, it makes me want to deep condition my hair immediately. So I don’t know if this sold me on the movie, but it definitely sold me on some hair product.

[Cover Photographer: Tesh]