So, this is like…a real cover. This looks like a real magazine. Which, obviously, it is — but I feel like for the last couple of years, magazines including this one have been….let’s call it trying stuff. And that stuff didn’t always work. But this feels like a classic issue of Vogue, the sort of magazine you’d have sincerely bought at the airport in the The Outside Times. I don’t love the Hair Choices they made here, but this feels…legit.

The article is fairly typical Vogue and is highly name-drop-y — and for some reason, they’re in a car almost the entire time, although Gal does come across as super nice — but for what it’s worth, of all the cover stories this year to date, only TWO of the 7 were written by women. (April had models on the cover and lacked a traditional cover profile, January had four covers.) So far, Vogue has ONLY had women write about people associated with Little Women — Chloe Malle profiled Greta Gerwig in January, and Gaby Wood tackled Florence Pugh in February. Otherwise, it’s Rob Haskell and Jonathan Van Meter basically trading off profiles, which is a little shocking to me. Hire more women to write about women, Anna.

Click through and take a look at the editorial, though. There’s a shot of Gal in an Iris Van Herpen that is amazing.

[Cover: Annie Leibovitz for Vogue]
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