In thumbnail I thought this might be Annie Lennox.

2010 VH1 Do Something Awards - Show
Come to think of it, I’d kind of enjoy hearing Annie pull some Eurythmics on a cover of “Unwritten.” But I don’t think she’d do it in a dress whose left shoulder might be some kind of voodoo doll. That sort of thing could really backfire. Imagine trying to perform a song, when suddenly your left arm gets its wires crossed and starts trying to jam your front teeth so far north that they fly out your nose. 
Maybe Natasha was feeling the ’80s connection, too, though, because this is what she busted out on the red carpet:

2010 VH1 Do Something Awards - Arrivals
I guess now that Lindsay Lohan is in prison, SOMEBODY has to carry the torch. Maybe Natasha can also take over designing for LiLo’s “clothing” “line,” 6126. That den of good taste would simply adore this little flourish:
2010 VH1 Do Something Awards - Arrivals

I hope bonus neck holes become a real trend in clothes. Maybe that way Natasha really can corral Annie Lennox for some cottony togetherness. Indeed, even Lindsay might want to investigate this as a form of double-act subterfuge; any future misdeeds, and she can claim it was the OTHER twin from Parent Trap who did it. Somebody will fall for that, right? Probably her mother.