When we last left Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen, they were planning to spend the summer in Paris — exactly what all civilized people do when they’re 19 and their boyfriends just slept with an underage twig/sort of made them sad (or whatever; I can’t remember any of Serena’s storylines anymore).

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester film fourth season of 'Gossip Girl' in Paris
[Photos: Splash News]
Yep, this seems about right: Blair in three distinct loud patterns, one of which involves a metaphor for purity (which I feel like Blair would decide she went to Paris to find); Serena in a hat older gentlemen used to wear to the races, a cardigan over a pretty basket-weave dress that shows off plenty of leg, and shoes older gentlemen used to wear to the races. Very Blair-and-Serena, very appropriate for two Upper East Siders who think they are taking Europe by storm with their leg muscles and utter maturity, and easy-breezy enough to trick me into thinking I want some of it even though it would not work. At all.
Serena, however, has some serious fashion trials ahead, if this photo is to be believed:

Blake Lively shoots new season of 'Gossip Girl' in Paris, France
On the one hand: cute shoes. On the other: Those are some major peach lounging slacks. The first hand thinks that at least she picked the right top to go with them, but Naysayer Hand still can’t get over the fact that those pants may have recently belonged to an ex-pat social grande dame named Marge who needs them to go Bingo Yachting in an hour and will set the full force of the Parisian police — or, as they say in France, police — on her ass to get them back. Which will, if I know Serena, result in her having an affair with President Sarkozy before a roving pack of mythical wildebeests sets her straight one foggy night after her car runs off the road. Believe it.