– Friday, Friday, Friday! Thank goodness. And, of course, this weekend is Mother’s Day here in the United States. Celebrate your mom by thanking God she isn’t one of the Top 13 Worst Movie Moms. (The Top 13)

Pictures of A Dubs dancing with Diddy will make you feel better. (Village Voice)

But probably not as good as pictures of Jon Hamm — in Don Draper gear — rough-housing with his makeup artist. OH TO BE THAT MAKEUP ARTIST. (EW Pop Watch)

– Apparently, Gaga is peeved with FOX for editing down her SEVEN MINUTE live performance on AI this week. Sugarplum, it’s a live show. They have stuff on AFTERWARDS. It’s not Lady Gaga Plays Indefinitely night on FOX. (Celebitchy)

Diet Coke is launching…a nail polish? Obviously. I bet it’s delicious. (Marketing Week)

I must agree that Gywnnie looks pretty great on The Marriage Ref. (Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

The Atlantic investigates the three things Glee is doing wrong, and I must say, I think they’re on the mark. DON’T HURT ME; it’s a good article! (Atlantic)

You have to watch Kristin Davis’s hilarious non-response to a question about the (wretched) SatC2 poster. She is clearly….not a fan. (Pink is the New Blog)

– I am, however, a fan of the set design in those movies. I still think about the blue color Carrie painted her walls in the first one…. InStyle has put together a slide show helping me more easily spend my money by buying things from Carrie and Big’s apartment. (InStyle)

– And in that apartment, the finishing touch shall be a White Castle-scented candle. I am serious. (Best Week Ever)

I sincerely wish these Bronte Sisters action figures were real. (You Tube, via National Post)

– So, two deer burst into a bar during a basketball game…. No, that actually happened. (Deadspin)

– Hindsight is 20/20 when it comes to Lilo. Every time in the past that we thought she looked busted, we had no idea how much more busted she could become. Which concerns me, vis a vis 2015. (Lainey)

Justin Bieber doesn’t know what the word “German” means. I literally have no response to this that wouldn’t take us all twenty minutes. (PopEater)

Hot Guys Reading Books. No, seriously, that’s the name of the blog. (Hot Guys Reading Books)