The best thing about a three day weekend, in my opinion, is that it leads to a four-day work week. Happy Friday, Fug Nation!

– In addition to today’s post about Eurovision, we wrote about it for Lemondrop as well. (Lemondrop)

– Apparently, Denise Richards is back together with Richie Sambora. Somewhere in Malibu, Heather Locklear is planning a Melrose-ian revenge. You know, just for old times sake. I’m sure Jack Wagner would help. (Celebitchy) [link fixed!]

– Apparently wacky Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone is going to be forcing a girl-group on us this summer that is — brace yourself — “a cross between the Pussycat Dolls and Spice Girls, except raunchier
and not as musically gifted
.” This ought to be entertaining. (Daily Beast)

– Oh, for the love of chicken salad sandwiches. Now you can get a Twilight-branded CREDIT CARD. MAKE IT END. (Vulture)

– Also on Vulture, a very juicy piece indeed about Katherine Heigl. Tid-bit: allegedly, all the lead male actors she’s worked with in the past refuse to do it again. (Vulture)

– Speaking of vampires: Jackson
Rathbone is, like, unrecognizably hot when he’s not wearing that wig in
I mean, can we talk about that wig? It’s the
funniest thing in the entire movie. It deserves its own above-the-line
credit. (Lainey)

The British paper Times and Citizen accidentally published an edition in which the headline was, “headline headghgh.” I’d make a snarky crack, but when I write my posts here, I first place the photo between placeholder text, and I just KNOW one of these days, you’re going to get something that just says, “WORDS WORDS WORDS.” So, I feel you, Times and Citizen. (Gawker)

– The latest in Words I Never Thought I’d Say: I really want one of these terrariums! Seriously, they’re like the dollhouses of gardening. But extra awesome, because of how they are ALIVE. (NY Times)

– We recently did an interview in which we once again bemoaned there being no way for us to read Bai Ling’s tome, Nipples. WHITHER NIPPLES? (Aldo)

– Speaking of reading, here are 60 book suggestions for this summer. Me? They had me at their description for Meg Cabot’s latest, Insatiable: “Vampires take over more than the storyline for a New York City soap
opera writer.” I’m IN! (LA Times)

– All I know is, if James Cameron DOES in fact turn out to be the person who can fix this oil leak: a) we’ll all be thrilled and relieved beyond description that it’s finally freaking fixed, and b) he will immediately become unbearable on a level never before witnessed by humans. (Movieline)

Diddy + a gray flannel suit + The Cage = a good read. (The Feminista Files)

– And finally, after the jump, in honor of the fabulous and beloved Rue McClanahan, one of my favorite moments from The Golden Girls, in which Blanche and Rose basically fug poor Dorothy:

Those two are HIRED. God, I really wish we COULD have Blanche and Rose percolating around GFY HQ right now. Think of the advice! And the cheesecake! Thank you for being a friend, Blanche. BETTY WHITE: YOU GO GET IN A PROTECTIVE BUBBLE RIGHT THIS INSTANT.