Happy Friday, Fug Nation! Every week, are you not relieved to have make it all the way through another one? Sometimes I don’t know how I pulled it off. And yet here we are…

– Did you see Andy Cohen and Stephen Colbert re-enacting one of the best Real Housewives fights ever on last night’s Report? YOU NEED TO. Cohen really sells it. Colbert is, not surprisingly, a very articulate Kelly Bensimon. (Gawker TV)

– Another must-see: Elle’s delightful Joe Zee takes a Chanel fur man-suit out for a spin in the city.  Including to the zoo, as of course one ought to visit the animals when wearing a giant fur suit. (Racked)

– Covering New York Fashion Week is one of the best parts of my year. But I love looking at snaps from other fashion weeks — and now that I’ve seen these pictures of Delhi Couture Week, I feel like it might be the place to be. Seriously, this is some glamour. (Tom and Lorenzo)

– Knowing Fug Nation as I do, I suspect y’all will enjoy this round-up of blogs devoted to language: misused apostrophes, air quotes, incorrect use of the word “literally,” and MORE. (Mental Floss)

Similarly, the BCC has a whole piece called, “Do typefaces really matter?” Anyone who was here for the Great Papyrus Discussion of ’10 will vouch that they do. Also posited in the piece: Helvetica looks cheap! I don’t know if I agree with that, but perhaps we can discuss it on Go Fug Your Font. (BBC)

– Oh, right — I can’t believe I didn’t list this one first: PACEY-CON. Yeah, that’s right.  Like Comic-Con, but…you know, with Pacey. Bless Josh Jackson for being such a good sport. And for getting his hair to do that again. (Vulture)

– Speaking of once and future CW/WB stars, Sophia Bush ripped Urban Outfitters a new one for those “Eat Less” shirts they were hawking recently.  (Celebitchy)

– Surely you’re heard that we’re about to get some new Sweet Valley High novels, in which our beloved Wakefield twins are all grown-up and….having issues. I want to tell you one of said issues SO MUCH, but I will not spoil you. Regardless, you can read the first chapter already! (Vulture)

– Did you hear that Kanye is on Twitter now? Excuse me: KANYE IS ON TWITTER NOW. Lainey recaps his first day. Today, he had a whole bit about how he has “mad credenza game.” And then posted a photo of a credenza. I love him. He IS becoming a doper person. (Lainey Gossip)

– This advice about how to text a woman in order to get her to fall for you is pretty hilarious. For example, one of the advised “cool texts” involves the phrase, “hey crackerpants!” You can imagine, perhaps, how well that went over when the blogger in question actually tried it on a real person. (Urlesque)

Elisabeth Moss burst into tears of joy when she finally saw her new and improved hair on this season of Mad Men. You and me both, sister. (Vulture)

– My guess is that Chelsea Clinton’s betrothed did NOT ever call her “crackerpants,” although we don’t ever truly know the way people behave in their private moments, do we? In honor of her upcoming nuptials, take a look at some of America’s most closely-observed weddings. (Daily Beast)