Before we get too deeply into this, a little housekeeping: We’ll be taking Monday off as part of the long 4th of July weekend, and we hope you get it off too — and if you don’t, maybe you should just TAKE IT. Either way, we’ll be back to posting as usual on Tuesday, July 6. Please don’t any of you burn your house down with fireworks while we’re gone.

– All I know is, after seeing this clip of Liza Minnelli selling her wares on HSN, I want her to be invited to every event I attend for the rest of my life. That girl is a party. (Vulture)

– You have to read this interview with Solange, about her wardrobe (okay, and music), if only because of the line, “Sex and the City totally jacked her steez on the camels.” Don’t you need to know what she’s talking about? I admit I am not entirely sure what “steez” even means. (Refinery29)

– Personally, I’d like to jack the steez of Hayley Mills in the original Parent Trap, and this piece on Design*Sponge will help. Retro bathing suits! (Design Sponge)

–  Johnny Weir chats about his closet, furs, and man heels. It goes without saying that I continue to love him. I am still kind of pissed that he got robbed at the Olympics, when it comes right down to it. (The Cut)

– There is a gym in Chicago that offers classes based on teaching you the skills — and, presumably, giving you the cardiac power — to suffer a zombie attack. This is possibly the only way ever to get me to go to the gym. If they taught one on how to attract a vampire, they’d really be in the money. (Inquisitr)

SWINTON leads a flash mob soft-shoe, wearing a kilt. Of course she does. (Scotsman)

– I would like to thank Lainey for celebrating Canada Day (also GFY’s birthday!) with pictures of Brandon “Jason Priestley” Walsh in the wild. It’s seriously just what I wanted. Also! Apparently, he has a job. (Lainey Gossip)

Joe “Girls Gone Wild” Francis is engaged. I’M DEVASTATED. (No, I’m not.) (Celebitchy)

Why don’t you take the quiz, “Facebook Group or Afterschool Special“? It is surprisingly challenging. (Mental Floss)

– The NY Times has been tracking mentions of soccer players on Facebook, day by day throughout the World Cup. The infographic for this is nothing short of AWESOME. Seriously. Go fiddle around with it. (New York Times)

– Our very own Heather weighs in on who best to play the mysterious Mama Bartowski in the next season of Chuck. Don’t worry: no spoilers! (ChuckTV).