Happy weekend once more, dear Fug Nation! And now, for your enjoyment purposes as you sit and watch the clock tick ever more slowly toward quittin’ time:

– I used to love the Choose Your Own Adventure series. NY Mag has resurrected it in the form of, CHOOSE YOUR OWN SENSITIVE GEEK. I want Adam Brody! (Vulture)

– Courtney Love has a fashion blog now. Not everyone is a fan. (Fashionista)

– I suspect that Courtney Love might be happy to own this particular item: a water-bra in which the water part is actually WINE, and the bra part is actually a BRA MADE TO HOLD WINE. I have lots of issues with this, beginning with the fact that people should not be drinking wine out of a sports bra and ending with my concern that body heat would make my bra-wine too warm. (Glamour)

– FINALLY. Vulture directed me to this blog, which is posited as a way to keep Americans up to date on the best in cheesy Euro-pop. I seriously may never stop reading it. There is a Swedish hit right now called “Pina Colada Boy,” which is stuck in my head after seriously like 15 seconds. (Europopped)

– Speaking of music, this guy has a worthy aim. His Web site is called, HELP ME SELL MORE RECORDS THAN HEIDI MONTAG.Considering Heidi only sold 658 copies, I think he could pull it off. Note: said website also includes a rather brilliant comparison of Spencer Pratt to Harry of the Hendersons. (Help Me Sell More Records Than Heidi Montag)

– We are sad the World Cup is over. I am happy someone thought to put together a montage of hot, sweaty soccer players celebrating World Cup goals, though. (Jezebel)

– NPR has helpfully compiled a HUGE piece on Summer Books — a topic so important I feel it needs capital letters. This is why I spend so much money at Amazon. (I just finished a book mentioned here: The Imperfectionists, by Tom Rachman, which was so well done it sort of hurt. Also mentioned: The Dirt, the Motley Crue biography, which is AWESOME. Seriously.) (NPR)

– Also awesome: Jon Hamm running around in a baseball uniform. You’re welcome. (Lainey)

– More Hamm, this time, dressed like an FBI agent. YOU’RE WELCOME AGAIN. (Celebitchy)

– This is a very interesting story about the women who work for tabloids as “club girls” — reporters who go to all the hot Hollywood clubs in hopes of witnessing a scoop, and how they occasionally accidentally, say, have a fling with Jude Law or whatever. Who HASN’T done that? (LA Times)