– Thinking about going back to the ’70s and being chased by a smoke monster for spring break? You’re in luck. Kayak has listings for an Oceanic Airlines flight! Man, Oceanic is pricey. (Slash Flim)

– When you land on the island, you’ll be so relieved you printed out this Lost subway map. (Gothamist)

– Here’s one of those things I never thought I would have to specify, like, “Don’t date a man whose mother still cuts his toenails for him,” or, “Don’t let the paparazzi snap pictures of you without your knickers”: If you’re getting a tattoo, MAKE SURE IT’S SPELLED CORRECTLY. (Huffington Post)

– I am delighted that someone else agrees with me that Hot Tub Time Machine looks really amusing. You guys, it’s called HOT TUB TIME MACHINE. It’s going to be the Dude, Where’s My Car? of this decade. (That’s a compliment.) (Lainey)

Erica Kane looks FIERCE in Los Angeles magazine. Also, she’s dating Ryan Lavery now??? THAT is going to end badly. WHAT DOES JACKSON THINK? (LA Magazine)

– This Interview, er, interview is rather old, but it’s Paul Rudd interviewing Jon Hamm and if you haven’t read before now, READ IT NOW. It includes the question, “Can Mr. Peanut use his cane as a weapon?” (Interview)

– I was disappointed to find out that, despite the title, according to “The Secret Rituals of American Idol Auditions Exposed,” there are no actual RITUALS. Because I would have laid money on Kara having sacrificed a virgin. Regardless, it’s still a juicy read. (The Daily Beast)

– Yes, thank you. I’ll have one Kermit coat and one Pantless Tea Cup Head with my tea. That’s right: someone made Lady Gaga cookies. They’re awesome. (Craft)

– Speaking of awesome, London has opened ABBAWORLD. Which is, yes, a theme park based on ABBA. Well, they’re calling it a theme park, but the article makes it sound more like an exhibition. They do not appear to have, say, a Super Trouper Rollercoaster. Which is a mistake. Either way, obviously, I want to go. (MSN)

Ever wondered what the average co-ed in 1941 had in her closet? The New York Public Library Blog knows. (NYPL)