Happy Friday the 13th, Fug Nation! Have you hugged your black cat today?

– These cats will need a hug, as their owners dressed them up and made them take part in a fashion show. One of them is dressed as Edward Cullen. And they are PISSED. (Refinery29)

– Are we the only ones out there who had NO IDEA how cracked-out the Little Orphan Annie comic strip is now? She got roped into the sale of fake passports to Mexican drug dealers, and had to be rescued by a war criminal; she was imprisoned in North Korea; and she and Warbucks did… something with Guantanamo, I don’t know what. And now the cartoon has come to its end after 86 years, and the ending — involving a man named The Butcher of the Balkans — is as nutso as the rest of it. Damn, girl. Take a nap. (Comics Alliance)

– Rue McClanahan’s ginormous apartment is for sale. Don’t you want to look inside? There’s a secret passage! (NY Mag)

– I’ve been WAITING for Bret Easton Ellis to take on the debauched, nihilistic world of the Babysitter’s Club. At last! (Crushable)

So, these two dudes took a cross-country trip to correct the typos of America’s signage. And then they wrote a book about it. All I know is, that must have been the most careful proof-reading of any book of all time. (NPR)

– Speaking of books, check out Literature’s 10 Best-Dressed Characters, as named by Flavorwire. I would have included the Wakefields, myself. Hello! Jessica’s off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and Elizabeth’s dowdy long skirts showed GREAT flair. (Flavorwire)

Only Karl Lagerfeld would wear THIS whilst on vacation. And that is why we love him. POSE! (Lainey)

– Speaking of books AND vacations, NPR suggests five books ABOUT vacations. Eat Pray Love is not one of them. Although I suppose that was not a vacation as much as A JOURNEY. (NPR)

– The good thing about the end of summer is that it signals the beginning of football season. Start your fantasy leagues now, y’all. Learn how to do it, if you aren’t already in one — I am, and although Heather beats me every year, it’s really fun!  [(It’s possible that I often lose because, despite being fairly well-versed in football as a sport, when at a loss for who to draft I tend to default to the dude with the best name. Apparently, that’s not the best strategy. Who knew?) [Note: In Jess’s defense, I am only up on her in our college league. She always whips me in our NFL league, despite the fact that I’ve played about seven years longer than she has, so: experience is not required for victory, y’all. So join a league! Picking your team name and avatar is fun. One of my teams uses K-Fed’s picture. Another? Carrot Top. -H] (Glo)

Tom and Lorenzo think Christina Hendricks needs to fire someone, based on her GQ spread. I have to say, they make an excellent argument. (Tom and Lorenzo)

Lilo is allegedly writing a book based on her experiences in the joint. I mock this, and yet if in fact this book is published, I will totally read it and tell you guys all about it. Listen, the girl needs the income! (Celebitchy)

– I love cookbooks and I love lists: ergo, I love that the Guardian is putting together a list of the 50 best cookbooks of all time. One of them is from 1570! I can only imagine what appetizers were like in 1570. I feel like there would be an excess of capon, and, like, mead. Mmm, mead. (The Guardian)