— Another week down! No one is happier, I’m sure, than the beleaguered assistants of Conde Nast. Ever wondered what happens to you after you assist A Dubs? Daily Intel has the answer. (NY Mag)

– Paris Hilton is such a serial engager. I forgot she was TOTALLY engaged to this OTHER guy that now she’s dating AGAIN. Sister, try and be single for a little while. It’s okay. (People)

– This is a great piece on theatrical sets that inspire real-estate lust. I want to live in the one with the bookshelves all the way up the walls. (NY Times)

– You may have already seen this video, in which small children reenact The Hills, but it truly is golden. The little girl who plays Audrina keeps her eyes pointing ceiling-ward the entire time, and the rest of them have mastered the Hills-ian art of closing a scene by just staring into the middle distance. (Pop Eater)


– I love flow-charts. This one — guiding you toward whom to hire to be your summer blockbuster villain — is partics good. (Vulture)

– You probably want to watch this video of the three new lion cubs at the Bronx Zoo. There is a LOT of frolicking. (YouTube)

BOMB SCARE AT INTERN GEORGE’S VILLA! George, STAY ALIVE!  We have too much filing left to do for you to go get blown up. (E! Online)

This is a helpful round-up of all the terrible things the Gosselins have done lately. I can’t wait until they get shipped off to a deserted island somewhere and never come back. But then I won’t be able to make Jon Gosselin/Ed Hardy gags anymore and whatever will I do then? (Celebitchy)

– This piece on fashion’s worst Photoshop disasters is boggling. Do people not have eyes? CLEARLY, some of these are insanely wrong. (Refinery29)

– Speaking of bad Photoshop, HOLY GOD, SEX AND THE CITY II. (Jezebel)

– Um, hold the phone. They’re making a live-action (at least partially) movie of The Smurfs? And NPH and Jayma Mays are in it? And they’re making her wear THAT? This is not going to go well. (ICYDK)

Tim Gunn critiques superhero costumes. This piece consists wholly of yes. (Monkey See)

J’adore this email from the person who would surely be the worst intern you ever had. Also, probably a terrible roommate and a cruddy boy/girlfriend. (Gawker)

– This interview with Vincent “Pete ‘Weasel’ Campbell” Kartheiser is one of those ones where you read it and you think, “Dude, this was more psychologically revealing than you and your publicist may have wanted it to be.” (The Guardian)

This quote from RDJ about GOOP made me laugh out loud. He is just the best. (The Feminista Files)

This story about authors using Amazon to give their own books raves and to bash the works of their rivals is quite an interesting read. It’s pinned on the questionable shenanigans of Real Housewife Jill Zarin, of course. (Daily Beast)