Hope your Halloween was delightful! As a reminder: Tuesday, November 6th is Election Day in the United States. Make sure you go out and vote!! (If you need to find your polling place, you can do it here.)

Do you want a cute pleated skirt? YOU DO!

This piece from The Onion is officially ten years old, and I still love to read it on Halloween.

At Lainey, this is what her site does best: Why We Hired Bryan Singer: An Excuse. To wit: “This leaps out at me: ‘If challenged about his behavior, he sometimes cried.’ You know what that reminds me of? Catherine Hardwicke, who confessed to crying on the set of Twilight. Except Hardwicke was labelled difficult, and Singer is currently in talks to direct Red Sonja for $10 million. Showing any emotion on set is often a kiss of death for female filmmakers, meanwhile, Bryan Singer tantrums out so drastically he gets fired and yet his career continues, unabated. “

Also at Lainey, this is a VERY interesting convo about Mel B’s potentially shady Halloween costume.

This is pretty amazing, at The Telegraph: First World War hero’s violin to be played again after 100 years 

At Pajiba, a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Did Seth Meyers Really Get Day Drunk With Kelly Clarkson?

At the Washington Post: Inside seven haunted homes that are seriously creepy and for sale

This is SO interesting, at The Public Medievalist: Were there Transgender People in the Middle Ages? (The short answer is: of course. The long answer is fascinating.)

This is great, at the Atlantic: How to Write Consent in Romance Novels

At Atlas Obscura: The Questionable Rewards of a Visit to Inaccessible Island

This is a really good piece at Texas Monthly, which is an excellent publication: Honoring My Loved Ones on Día de los Muertos

Over at Celebitchy, Gwyneth Paltrow on Goop: ‘I really feel that we are moving culture forward’

Related, at GOOP, Gwyneth’s wedding dress was really pretty. (It was Valentino, then she changed into Stella for the reception.) Yes, I looked at ALL those wedding pics. I love a wedding.

There’s a lot going on here! At CNN: A new clue in the mystery of Walter Raleigh’s missing head?

At The Mary Sue, this is great: Patty Jenkins Hyping Up Fans ‘Wonder Woman Costumes Brings Us Joy

This is really good, at Buzzfeed: Lawyer Reviews Laws Broken In Classic Love Scenes. (In full disclosure, “Lawyer” is Heather’s and my friend, Diana.)