Happy weekend, friends! I hope you are well.

I found this NYT piece helpful in getting me caught up on what’s happening in Colombia at the moment.

Worth your time, at The Atlantic: Indian Americans Don’t Know What to Feel Right Now

Super interesting: Can’t Help Falling In Love With A Vaccine: How Polio Campaign Beat Vaccine Hesitancy. I got my second Moderna shot eight days ago and can’t wait to get back out there in the world! (Safely.) [NPR]

IMPORTANT JOURNALISM: An oral history of the Dawson crying GIF and its outsized legacy.

Also important: The Oral History of Madonna’s Truth or Dare: The groundbreaking pop documentary’s participants look back, 30 years later. (The quotes from Madonna herself are all from other sources, but the quotes ABOUT Madonna and Warren Beatty in particular are great. There’s also a great bit where she just tells Harvey Weinstein to shove it. I love her.)  [Vulture]

Get ready to argue about this list! 100 Best Sitcoms of All Time [Rolling Stone]

This is an excellent (and for me, somewhat harrowing) piece: The COVID Reporters Are Not Okay. Extremely Not Okay. [Study Hall]

This is such an interesting piece about Jackie Kennedy and her gold cuffs. [The Adventurine]

The Halton movie looks good. Or at least it looks good. [Lainey]

This is so interesting! Making the (Fictional) Band: “They may have been created solely for movies or TV shows, but these musical acts have developed a lasting legacy—and in some cases, lasting fan bases. The masterminds behind bands like Stillwater, 2gether, Pink Slip, and many others break down what went into making an inherently ridiculous concept something people could take so seriously.”  [Vox]

Speaking of bands, EUROVISION APPROACHES! The NYT reports: Second Time Lucky? Eurovision Hopefuls Try Again.

Oh, dear: Sam Heughan requests Outlander fans respect historic shooting locations [Socialite Life]

Vulture wonders: The 2021 Oscars Gift Bag Was Worth $205,000. How Did We Get Here?

Also really good at Vulture: The Greatest and Ballsiest of Heart, According to Nancy Wilson

I enjoyed this, at Glamour: You’re Going to Get Ghosted This Summer. May I Propose a Solution?

This is probably true: It’s Weird that Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric Are Still Best Friends [Pajiba]

GOOD QUESTION: What Should the New ‘Jeopardy!’ Be? Guest Hosts Provide the Clues. [NYT]

I’m sure y’all will have thoughts on this: Henry Golding cast in a surprising role in the Dakota Johnson version of ‘Persuasion’ [Celebitchy]

At T&C: What Is Life Like After The Real Housewives?

Highly relevant to my interests:  15 Best Vintage Decor Stores to Shop on Instagram [Marie Claire]

Such a good piece, at The Atlantic: What do you wear to the reopening of society? (And about so much more than just this current reopening.)

Sort of related, Melissa Errico wrote this for the New York Times: Back in the Girdle Again: Getting Fitted After a Year Untouched

I really enjoyed this particular Gossip Anniversary. That one picture of Taylor really makes me laugh. [Lainey]

Super interesting: Why Stylists Believe Virtual Red Carpets Changed Things For The Better [Refinery29]

Looking forward to listening to this episode of the With A Side of Knowledge podcast: On Fashion History and the Human Story