Happy Friday! I hope you have a delightful weekend.

This week, at Drinks With Broads, we covered Eurovision, the latest in Kevin Costner’s ranting, and my two least favorite car commercials. Thursday’s edition included an Enter Through the Gift Shop of the SPAM museum, and your Bridgerton primer! We are recapping this season of Bridgerton at DWB for paid subscribers, so if that sounds like fun, you can subscribe or join the paid ranks here.

Absolutely fascinating: How a Texan Trolling for Putin Met His End. [Texas Monthly]

I can’t believe I never read these books: Chaos Under the Corset: When Romance Covers Hide Revolution [Reactor]

Amy Odell wrote an excellent piece about John Galliano this week: Does John Galliano Really Need Another Job?

I’m very interested in this movie AND very concerned about Adam Driver’s hair in it. Two things can be true! [Lainey]

Awww, Boop had a great time at the Taylor Swift concert. I love this for hm. [Lainey]

Noooooooooooo: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Divorce Rumors Are All Over the Place [Pajiba]

An area of our general interests: Kim France has rounded up a bunch of weekenders!

Oooh, I kind of love this strawberry dress. [Boden, affiliate link]

The Cut wonders So What Are All of Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Hip Pastors Up To?

Should we rent this private island? [T&L]

I’ve seen a LOT of upheaval about this locally online: This Vegan Restaurant Is Facing Enormous Backlash For Embracing Meat. [Bon Appetit]

At Town & Country: How to Dress Like You Have a Mind of Your Own

At USA Today: Avril Lavigne addresses conspiracy theory that she died. Why do so many believe it?

At the NYT (gifted link): The Nerve of Madonna to Pull It Off, Again. It WAS a great concert.

Tiny! At Messy Nessy Chic: Miniature Must-Have Du Jour

Neat: Inside the Movement to Bring Arts to Outer Space. [Esquire]

Oooh, the Adventurine rounded up The Most Memorable Jewels at the 2024 Met Gala

IMPORTANT: The Secret History of the Original Deep-Dish Crust. [Chicago Mag]

Bustle reports on When Work Trips Get Wild

We had some fun chats here this week! From gardening tips in the piece just before this one, to our fave What Are You Reading?

Also: The Met Gala Best and Worst polls went to a run-off vote! Get in there.

(Photo by Jason Little for the Washington Post)