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Reminders done! And now, for your procrastination and entertainment needs:

Such a good and juicy and gossipy interview at — you guessed it! — Interview: PR Legend Kelly Cutrone Is the Dominatrix of NYFW. Kelly — as usual — does not hold back. A must-read.

IMPORTANT: Meredith’s Endless Tragedies on Grey’s Anatomy, Ranked. The fact that the URL here is “bomb-plane-Derek” really tells you something. (That episode with the bomb is so dang good.) [Vulture]

Cosmo reports: We Asked. You Exploded. Inside Cosmo’s First-Ever Survey of Financial Fury.

This is MY NIGHTMARE: Visitor Accidentally Shatters $42,000 Jeff Koons Sculpture at Art Fair. [Smithsonian]

I love this: ‘Then I realized it was David Bowie’: How a Laurel Canyon store honors rock legends. [LA Times]

Intriguing: Lindsay Lohan & Rachel McAdams reject Paramount’s ‘disrespectful’ offer for new Mean Girls movie. Although the source here is OK Magazine and I’m not totally sure I buy this. Who wouldn’t pay those two big bucks to get them back into this thing? [Socialite Life]

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this, but I am!! At Pajiba: Aaron Rodgers Has Completed His Darkness Retreat, Which Is a Thing

Abby isn’t wrong:17 Reasons Why Aidan Shaw Sucks [We Have Notes With Abby Gardner]

I saw this GREAT Old Navy trench on Grace Atwood’s instagram and she’s not wrong, it’s really good. [affiliate link]

Whoa, Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson have been together FIVE YEARS? Where does the time go? [Celebitchy]

I’m in the middle of working on a deep dive about this Beckham/Peltz wedding DRAMA for the newsletter next week and this Lainey post is an excellent kick-off in coverage. You know I love Rich People Wedding Drama, as your celebrity wedding correspondent.

For you soccer/football fans who are excited that the MLS season kicks up again this weekend: Major League Soccer 2023 season preview. Chaos is promised! [USA Today]

I have to get to this store!! At the LA Times: That time I spent all my money at a shop called Exotics Only. (Snacks, not like illegal pets.)

Really interesting, also at Lainey: Cocaine Bear is upon us. She writes, “I’m glad to see [Alden] Ehrenreich coming back, he was a mid-2010s breakout that got sidelined by the double-whammy of a high-profile bomb—that was NOT his fault, I don’t think anyone assigned any portion of Solo blame to him—and the pandemic shutting down his industry for basically two years. Here’s hoping he has a big 2023, and that Marvel works out better for him than Star Wars did.”

This was a really fun read at the Travel subreddit: what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done (accidentally or unknowingly) whilst travelling?

Deliciously logistics-y: How Resy Won The Reservation Wars. Resy vs. Opentable! [Eater]

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