Last week, I said that I thought Jennifer wore Louis Vuitton very well — several of you pointed out, accurately, that really it’s Nicolas Ghesquière to whom she is loyal — and I kind of want to dial that back. She DOES wear LV well, but she’s also worn this dress, more or less, like six times already this year:

I think she wears it better than most, but, like, we get it — and I confess to not being that jazzed by the fact that this iteration makes her look like she’s got a giant weapon strapped to her hip.

She doesn’t seem that jazzed by this, in general:

Am I wrong in thinking there is something about this that is almost matronly? That’s not a word I expected to use about Connelly — she’s a lot of things, but rarely matronly — but I wonder if this would have served her better if she’d put it in the back of her closet and saved it for, like….thirty years.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]