Happy Friday, Fug Nation! I hope your weekend is THE MOST AWESOME WEEKEND EVER (a little Kanye for you). Until then:

– You want to see these 30 behind-the-scenes pics from the Harry Potter series. The Voldemort one is hilar. (Pajiba)

– I’m sorry, but Freddie Prinze Jr is looking good (and abtacular), and I am enthused about him getting a part on The Witches of East End, which is actually totally entertaining. (Refinery29)

– An ode to my beloved Julie Cooper (Nichol). (The Toast)

– The lede on this NY Times story, brilliantly, is “Derelicte is really happening.” (New York Times)

Variety wants Justin Timberlake to give up acting and I must agree. If the VMAs taught us nothing else this year, it reminded us that he is so talented musically. WHY ARE YOU DEPRIVING US, JT? (Celebitchy)

The new American Hustle trailer is out and you guys, I don’t even care what happens in this movie. The clothes and hair are AMAZING, including Bradley Cooper literally in the act of perming his hair. Amy Adams looks phenomenal. She should always dress like a sexy ’70s moll. (Lainey)

The ladies over at People StyleWatch tried a bunch of As Seen On TV hair products. And now I am pretty sure I am going to buy something called Hot Buns, you guys. (People StyleWatch)

– I love this look at the women of Wes Anderson films. Margot Tenenbaum, I love your fur robe and your home’s wallpaper. (Into The Gloss)

Bon Appetit looks at foods they might be stock-piling for a zombie apocalypse. I’m stock-piling Doritos, but that’s business as usual. (Bon Appetit)

– Vulture helpfully rounds up everything Jonathan Franzen hates. Short version: EVERYTHING. (Vulture)

– This is fascinating and also creepy, given that the skeletons in question are real (and they’re spectacular. Sincerely). Ahem: Meet the Fantastically Bejeweled Skeletons of Catholicism’s Forgotten Martyrs. (Smithsonian)