Happy Friday!

As a reminder: There is now a GFY Book Club on Goodreads! You should join.

– Over at Vanity Fair we wonder, Who Wore It Best: Luis Suarez or Hannibal Lecter? Two cannibals enter, ONE CANNIBAL LEAVES.

– I know you. And I know you will want to watch Daniel Radcliffe sort celebrities into Hogwarts houses. HE PUTS KANYE IN SLYTHERIN. (Buzzfeed)

– Speaking of: Holy Neville! See Harry Potter Star Matthew Lewis’s Hot Transformation. So many readers find GFY searching for “Hot Neville.” They find friends here. (People)

– I am ashamed to say that I did very, very poorly on this quiz: TENNIS PLAYER OR CHEESE?  And I watch a fair amount of tennis. (Telegraph)

– I also did poorly on Can You Match Tilda Swinton’s Hair to Her Films? (Vulture)

– Racked examines the relationship between fashion and the NBA, just in time for the draft.

– Let’s examine fashion’s deadliest trends. No, LITERALLY DEADLIEST. Arsenic is involved. (io9)

– AT LAST, science has investigated why Everyone Looks Hotter In Sunglasses. I’ve only been saying this for years. (The Science of Us.)

That Thing You Do! is eighteen years old this week. Let’s celebrate it. I do wonder whatever happened to The Oneders. (Pajiba)

There’s going to be a Scandal clothing line and all I know is, there better be some wine cardigans up in that thing. (Fashionista)

– Enjoy a great Q&A with the wonderful Kim France over at Bitch. It’s so damn good.

Carlos Pena hit a home run into a tub of brisket. That’s not a Mad Lib. (Deadspin)

– You’re probably going to need this: 5 Tips for Discovering Great Beer While Traveling. (The Kitchn)

– You’ll definitely need the beer if you’re going to read the new book about The Bachelor. Per Buzzfeed: 60 Times I Laughed And/Or Gasped In Horror While Reading The “Bachelor” Book.

– I am just going to leave this headline here: Liberace’s Legendary Car Collection May Soon Come Out of the Closet. (Los Angeles)

– I enjoy this feature in Entertainment Weekly and I especially enjoy this: I’m Still Not Over: Dan Scott’s ridiculous heart transplant on ‘One Tree Hill’.

Lohan IS going to do Speed the Plow in the West End and I NEED ONE OF YOU TO GO AND REPORT BACK. (Vanity Fair)

The yadda yadda about wherever Intern George shall wed continues apace. He never tells me anything.(Lainey)

– Everyone loves a good chat about buyer’s remorse. (Design*Sponge)

HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY to Pajiba! We are very nearly twins (GFY’s 10th birthday is coming up next week, in fact).

– Here’s your Weekly Update About Whatever’s Going On With Tom Hiddleston. (Celebitchy)