All you need to know about me this week is that (a) I thought yesterday was Wednesday literally until one of you told me otherwise, and (b) I just dated this post “2016.” I NEED A NAP. Read this while I get more wine:

IMPORTANTLY! Fug National Kristabelle is awesome and put together at GFY Bookclub on Goodreads, and you should totally join it! Code Name Verity will be discussed beginning August 1st.

– I love this kind of thing: “A previously unknown portrait has been discovered hidden beneath an early painting by Pablo Picasso — and now experts are trying to figure out who the mysterious figure is.” Dum dum dum! (Los Angeles Times)

Kanye spent his entire honeymoon photoshopping Instagrams and blames Annie Leibovitz. (People StyleWatch)

– You will enjoy this: Bard garb: dramatic Shakespeare costumes – in pictures! (The Guardian)

– It’s the 20th anniversary of OJ’s white Bronco chase, and it makes sense that Los Angeles would cover it. Behold, The Chase of the Century: Where We Were When O.J. Fled. (I was in my parents’ den, having just gotten home for the summer, like, the day before, after my first year at UCLA. I spent that entire summer stripping wallpaper from my parents’ bathroom and watching the trial on TV.)

– This is neat: photos from inside Yves St Laurent’s first and last shows. (The Cut)

JK Rowling apparently went on a Twitter run this week, and people freaked out. (With good reason!) (Buzzfeed)

A Dubs had some STUFF TO SAY to young designers this week, including “I was just recently at the Tony Awards in New York, and, God, they need your help. Let me tell you, it was a disaster.” (Racked)

– This is awesome. It’s a guide to all the books people are seen reading on Orange Is the New Black this season. (Spoilers, obviously. Not just about the books.) (Vulture)

Clooney’s aunt is running around telling people that Brad is going to be the best man. I love her. I hope she and George came up with a HUGE list of crazy things for her to float to the press. (Lainey)

– Obviously, we’re bringing you the oral history of The Mighty Ducks. (Time)

– Oh God. Lifetime is making an UNAUTHORIZED behind-the-scenes Saved By the Bell movie. (Pajiba)

Lilo claims she’s doing Speed the Plow in the West End. I’ll believe it when I see it. Like, when I literally see it. Like, you can tell me it’s happening and there might be photographic proof but I feel like I would need to actually get tickets, go to London, sit in the theatre, and witness it. (Celebitchy)