Happy Friday, y’all! Until you get your sweet freedom from the work week, enjoy this Harry Potter-heavy dose of Fugs and Pieces:

Rock stars who look like wizards! Man, Neil Young almost makes a better Prof. Moody than Moody does. (Rolling Stone)

– Heather and I sometimes call someone we love — usually someone for whom we are feeling sympathy — “muffin.” But this person made a huge collage of Pippa Middleton USING MUFFINS. LITERALLY. Which takes it to a whole new level. (Daily Mail)

HARRY POTTER COCKTAILS. I would only argue that perhaps the Neville Longbottom ought to end with a spicy zing. Because how he got hot at the end. GET IT? Anyway: awesome. (The Backyard Bartender)

– Chuck Klosterman’s piece about the Fastest Human Alive – who it is, and how to determine that — is a great (and math-y) (and beautifully written) read. (Grantland)

– Empire Magazine counts down the 25 Greatest Harry Potter characters, as voted by the readers and dear readers, I must say that I disagree DEEPLY with the way the rankings shook out, especially in the middle sections. (Although number one is not a surprise.) I mean,  how is Luna Lovegood — as much as I adore her — a greater Harry Potter character than VOLDEMORT? You Know Who is easily one of the top five best villains in YA literature ever. Right? (I mean: Voldy, Wicked Witch of the West, the White Witch [of whom I was terrified as a child and am still scared], and….Two Other Villains to be named later, right? Discuss in the comment.) Although the intro to the piece seems to imply that the vote was for FAVORITE, not GREATEST, which is different. I can see that you might TREASURE Luna more than Voldemort. I mean, I am the person who spent literally five years terrified Rowling was going to kill off Ron. So I am confused, but EITHER WAY: These things are so fun to argue about, you guys. (Empire)

Are they REALLY going to make Bridget Jones 3? I love the original, but the second was…well. You know. (Celebitchy)

– This piece is called “The Weird Writing Habits of Famous Authors” but PERSONALLY I don’t think writing in one’s underwear is WEIRD AT ALL HOW DARE YOU. (Flavor Wire)

– More Potter: this piece about about Title IX (and 3/4ths) and Quiddich is, for a sports fan like myself, awesome. Although I think real life Quiddich DOES suffer from the fact that none of us actually get to fly.  Also that there seems to be no reason to do anything in the game except try to get the Snitch, because you’re never going to score enough points to win if the OTHER team gets the Snitch, so why don’t you all just…you know what, never mind. That’s a long conversation. (Ms Magazine)

Hot Neville Longbottom is the new Jon Hamm. (Lainey)

– In honor of her Emmy nod (YAY!) a compilation of (many of) the times Connie-Britton-as-Tami-Taylor says “y’all.” I love her, y’all. (Warming Glow)

– And finally, Heather did a quick Q&A with Sweet Potato Chronicles about food, kids, and food-and-kids, in which she accidentally got the name of her own brownie recipe wrong. Although I do think calling them “Utterly Deadlines” (instead of “Utterly Deadlies”) is at least an amusingly Freudian mistake. (Sweet Potato Chronicles)