Hey everyone! Just a quick housekeeping note: we’ll be live-blogging the SAGs Red Carpet HERE at GFY on SUNDAY, starting at 3pm PST — come on by! In other news:

– We agree that Limp Bizkit must never be allowed to return, if only because it just took me five minutes to figure out how to spell “Limp Bizkit.” (Flavorwire)

– I’m pretty sure this is preaching to the choir, but if you have not started watching Vampire Diaries, here’s ten reasons why you need to fix that, ASAP. (The AV Club)

– If you were a dude in NYC in 1870, you could very well have been toting around this guide to the cities’ houses of ill-repute. Nowadays, it’s still a fascinating read…for different reasons. (New York Times)

– Speaking of books – er, kinda — Lainey’s got some dish on the rumors swirling around the casting for The Hunger Games — though the dish is kind of that there isn’t tons of dish yet. As much as I love you, Lainey, if they cast Emma Roberts, I suspect the internet is going to lose its collective shit. Although that could be fun, too. (Lainey Gossip)

– Did you know that O-Town is REUNITING? Yes, it’s only the best thing ever. Celebrate by marinating in….The Faces of O-Town. (Low Resolution)

– I love Tumblr for giving people outlets to celebrate their unusual interests. For example, isn’t our shared existence enriched by knowing that there’s a website which is just pictures of Classic Hollywood Celebrities Riding Bikes? It makes me happy. (Rides a Bike)

– I feel like I have posted something similar to this at some point but you guys HAVE TO WATCH THIS: The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair. IT RULES. (Bookshelves of Doom)

– In the How Is Lilo A Hot Mess THIS WEEK? category: now she’s floating the rumor that she and Tom Hardy are having an affair. No, they’re not. Yes, they are. No, they’re not. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE STRAND HER ON A DESERT ISLAND? (Celebitchy)

– I was automatically horrified that Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” has been made into a children’s book, and then I saw it. The illustrations are the most charming, vintage things and I want to hug them. (Refinery29)

– The Guardian picks the 10 Best Muses in history…and somehow leaves off Sharon Stone as the muse IN The Muse. Wait. Actually, that was a good call. (The Guardian)

– Simon Doonan says that the new trend in Paris is to dress like SWINTON. YES. (Slate)