Happy Friday, Fug Nation! We don’t get the weekend off, though, because Sunday — if you couldn’t tell — is the Golden Globes! We’re excited to be live-blogging the red carpet for Vulture once again. Once we have a link to the actual live-blog, I’ll throw it up here, and on Twitter and we hope that you’ll join us for all the drunken shenanigans. The red carpet starts at 6pm EST/3pm PST. In preparation, check out our slideshows asking you to prognosticate which lady will look best, and worst (here they are, quick and dirty: Best Actress, Movie Comedy; Best Actress, Movie Drama; Best Supporting Actress, Movie; Best Actress, TV Drama; Best Actress, TV Comedy/Musical; Best Supporting Actress, TV; Best Actress, TV Movie/Mini-Series). Until then, please enjoy:

Miss Piggy plays the EIC of French Vogue in the new Muppets movie. This…pleases me intensely. (The Cut)

DYNASTY PREQUEL MOVIE. We’re there. Opening night. In fur turbans. (The AV Club)

– Remember how the History Channel dumped the Katie Holmes/Greg Kinnear Kennedys mini-series, after some actual Kennedys got all in a tizz about it? Lainey’s got the trailer for it. SOMEONE is going to buy this thing. It looks totally cheesy-delicious. Katie Holmes looks kind of terrible in it, too, in the BEST way. Come on, Lifetime. If J. Lo Hew can get a nod for kind touching, you know you can rack up some nominations for this thing. (Lainey)

Slate investigates why you should never use two spaces after a period. As soon as I read this, I thought, “this article is exactly what Fug Nation cares about.”  We have a wide array of interests that range from Pacey to typography and totally include grammar and punctuation. (Slate)

– Michael Chabon wrote a thoughtful and personal piece about his own experience self-editing Huck Finn when he read it aloud to his kids. (The Atlantic)

– In what is the polar opposite of “thoughtful,” the Suffolk Superior Court has called a cat to jury duty. A cat. To jury duty. (CBC News)

– We’re really enjoying this blog. Two words: MYSTERIOUS COMMUNE. (New Albany)

– Do you watch The Bachelor? (I do. I’m not — okay, maybe I’m a little ashamed). Do you like recaps? Did you used to spend hours and hours at TWoP? (I clearly answer yes to both.)  You should know that Sars and Miss Alli are talking about The Bachelor every week over at Tomato Nation. It will make your life better. (Tomato Nation)

–  Thank GOD: Wills and Kate Royal Wedding Commemorative Tea Towels are HAPPENING. (People)

– Speaking of weddings, all I know is that the phrase, “the ballet K-Fed” needs to be used WAY more often in our society. (Celebitchy)

– Flavorwire did a fun piece about out-of-control TV teens and you know what struck me the most? Other than her hair, the picture they used of MSCL’s Rayanne Graff looks crazy current, and could almost be a magazine editorial right now. (Flavorwire)

– Oh, yes. This is a GREAT plan. Let Snooki give your 11-year-old a makeover. THAT IS GOING TO END SUPER GREAT FOR EVERYONE. (Refinery29)

– Oh yes. There’s a historical romance novel called…wait for it…UNICORN VENGEANCE. That apparently has NO UNICORNS, just a lot of REALLY BAD PROSE. Do the Smart Bitches know about this one? (The Pitch)